Mob Handed

I was out today with Reggie and the hired hands (inc HRH Prince Michael ). We were tidying an area of Reggie’s estate much in need of a damn good seeing to. One of the staff constantly uses the term ‘Mob Handed’ to infer over staffing. Firstly all were fully occupied all day this staff member in full employ at all times. In my day one would A- do as instructed B- never question C- keep ones mouth shut. I did suggest that if he mentioned that by now irritating phrase once more; i would sort him out. We would therefore be one less(namely aforementioned) and consequently be less ‘MH’. I would like from this day forth to ban this phrase as well as LOL ( another irritating mystery), awesome and describing one as on a ‘journey’. I am led to believe that travelling from A To B is a journey. Your life is not a journey. That implies you may have nothing to do with your final destination. 


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