proper politicians

We are thankfully nearing the end of the party conference season. We have been promised many things by gushing politicians all trying to out sincere the other. Liberals try to sound radical, Labour be on the side of the working man and Tories sound tough and patriotic. I am troubled however. I don’t want promises that will never come to fruition. I don’t want them to all sound the same. Above all I do wish the Tories would just stop preaching austerity. We all know that none of their ranks would do without anything. Many have inherited wealth as have some of my best friends. They
My chums do not lecture others as to how they should suffer for the greater good. What was wrong with Eden, MacMillan, Douglas Home etc. They were from old families but never pretended they were otherwise. I blame the grocers daughter for the finger wagging tory mentality. She scared a generation of spineless tories who were not fit to fag for any head boy I knew.
As for Labour, well I want passion and sincerity. I think there is a need for the working man to fight the capitalist oppressor(yours truly excluded). I want division,polarity,difference.
The country of post war Britain was rife with class war but no worse for it.
As for the Liberals well who cares. We have tried the middle way and it does not work. Give me old fashioned shire Tories, firebrand Labour politicians, real proper politicians.


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