from little acorns

Its amazing how one comment, an object or photograph can trigger heated discussions. I share a workspace with people who can launch into passionate conversation from the smallest spark. Only the other day a throw away comment led to 10 minutes of lively and at times, misguided chat. A colleague wondered how much another’s crash helmet cost. This led down nostalgia close, into memory lane with a fond recollection of Javelin cars and Scott motorcycles. Conversations can be steered towards whatever certain people wish to talk about. They can also be the little acorn to grow great oak trees. Just imagine what may have been that throwaway comment or happening that made Mao to think that everything didn’t seem quite fair. The popular story of Isaac Newton being hit on the head with an apple leading to his theories on gravity; Archimedes jumping in the bath only for an equivalent volume of water to exit as quick, are probably fanciful but surely not without some element of truth. Oak trees do in fact grow from acorns, even little ones but here’s the thing. Sometimes we need to question whether growing them great trees of thought, deed or bullshit, is actually worth the effort. Remember not all acorns grow, only the strong ones (didn’t Darwin go on about that?).


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