i’m not intolerant but….

I was having a discussion with my 14 year old daughter last night. She was expressing concern about the world she inherits. She was particularly worried about the lack of future jobs or money for her generation. She also wondered why people were so intolerant of others. I told her that it was up to us and her generation to change that. Sadly many older folks are very quick to judge but slow to hold up their hands and admit their part. Many cultures have settled in the UK despite the mistrust and hatred given in return. They gloss over the fact that mass immigration was managed in 50’s and 60’s to counteract the indifference of white english people not wishing to soil their hands with such poor jobs. Other cultures bring richness and joy to a country. Its not just racism however. Many old people have always been intolerant of those younger than them often throwing the accusation that young people show no respect. What a mark of intolerance in itself!
I should have said to my daughter that she should treat everyone in the manner that she would wish to be treated. I hope that she does not need to be taught this. Maybe the intolerant elderly were intolerant young people once just like Daily Mail reading youth of today.


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