there’s always one thing

You have a delicious home cooked meal. It is nutritious, tasty and filling but. There is that one component to that meal that ruins it. The one vegetable you eat first to get it out of the way. The roasted vegetable that should not have been. The one ingredient in a bolognese that just is wrong, wrong don’t you get me?
I would like to think I am a decent cook able to attempt most dishes. I can adapt menus to cope with shortages in the store cupboard or fridge. I have been forced down the path of adding that very one aspect that ruins the meal. Its like having rice pudding and putting unsweetened sour fruit with it (unless you are trying to impress whole earth boden wearers). Why. If you buy a new pair of jeans that look good, fit and are comfortable would you then decide to cut a hole in the knee and paint flowers on them? No you wouldn’t (unless you are a complete tool).
In short make a meal with what you like not what is good for you. That doesn’t mean living off mars bars dipped in cola or curry flavoured frozen pizza dough ball kebabs.
I’m off for another pie (chicken and bacon) with whatever I like (not cabbage as it the food of the devil).


One thought on “there’s always one thing

  1. As a a veggie girly I love my greens although mars bars dipped in cola sounds wonderful! …One thing that ruins a meal……..ummm my lot wouldn't agree on that ……… there's usually a few gripes……. mum did you cook this ….. in that case I'm not hungry…. or giggles as the fork gets stuck in …no – I mean stuck in!! did you ever watch butterflies…….. no that's way before your time……… well i resonate with wendy craig…….. now com'on John eat yer greens elst your hair wont curl…… S =)

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