Blackberry, from Brambles

The last few days have been frustrating to put it mildly. After all there is no point getting all hot under the collar just because my whiz bang smartphone is proving to be not so clever. It will still allow me to phone and text people. I can even send emails (when it wants to, that is). I can play solitaire, take the silicone cover off and on and remove the battery as often as I wish. I have also noticed that I can again use my desktop computer. This is indeed a rarity given that normally, I have to fight my way to it through swathes of children; all on Facebook or YouTube. The company has been economical with updates which amuses me intensely. Lets face it every time we use a modern electronic device with internet capacity, we are asked if we need to update. I know these are a different sort but when you want something, these companies are not always that quick.
The countless tweeters and bloggers saying BB owners that they ‘should have bought an  IPhone’ grow by the hour proving that smugness and crowing are such wonderful human traits. The day that their software crashes bringing the apple empire to its knees cannot come too soon (he says bitterly but heartfelt).
Remember by what plant name the humble blackberry is also called? We know them as Brambles, an invasive thorned beast that will take over any waste ground/hedgerow/allotment. Yes it produces wonderful sweet fruit with little or no help from human hand but not always without a fight. Brambles will also be often found intertwined with nettles making the job of picking that bit more of a challenge than it already is. Who decided that just because the manufacturers of all things ‘I’ and ‘Mac’ used a fruit, that they should go for the same. Why not the banana or strawberry? Why in these days of fruit based technology firms did no one suggest date or fig? both are wonderful fresh and dried. I myself would have gone for a pomegranate or medlar just because they are weird.  No they went for a weed that cuts, tears, stings (by association) and is incredibly hard to get rid of.
Maybe they knew something we gullible punters didn’t!


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