I have made countless roast meals over the years. It is a relatively straightforward meal to prepare as long as you get most things ready in advance. It does rely on the cook to care about the ingredients and get the most out of them. Famous stories of vegetables cooked for hours to a mush and burnt meat or poultry being taken smoking out of an oven, do nothing to encouarge the nervous cook. It is a question of common sense rather than any chemistry or alchemy.
We are having Roast Chicken today. Its one of the best roasts to make go further than just the one meal. Pies, soup, stock can all be produced using the carcass to its full potential accompained by leftover veg and trimmings.
Today also happens to be World Food Day. A day which highlights the scandal of large parts of our world community having not enough to feed themselves. We are lecturing and patronising poorer countries about how they feed their people with not always offering to help them do it. The affluent west wastes huge amounts of food out of laziness and greed. I worked with a woman who went with her family on holiday to Florida. She sat many a time in restaurants, watching aghast as people ordered the most enormous steaks and grills, only to leave two thirds (which would no doubt be thrown). This is not exclusive to the USA having said that, with the UK eagerly following their practises. UK food manufacturers make huge varieties of ready meals (stuffed full of salt and fats) and selling food cheaply by price rather than quality or integrity. Sell by dates also scare many shoppers off as they fear food poisoning when most food is in fact perfectly edible.
The truth of the matter is that it is very easy to produce nourishing, tasty food from raw ingredients, which if any is left, could be served up as another meal. We need to learn how to be creative with leftovers. Making a homemade meal and recycling the leftovers into another meal is cheaper, greener and ethically more correct than buying cheap, ready made food that you then waste. Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall has been pushing this message for years and as a livestock farmer, he hates to waste any aspect of an animal he rears. I hate to waste any aspect of food I prepare because it would be a crime to do so.
Just think about what you will do with your leftovers today as countless millions will have no meal to do that with.


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