Shaking Hands with the Devil

So its looking like another one has bitten the dust or should I say sand.
According to all comment about Colonel Gaddafi, he was a bad man. He tortured and brutalised his own people who by all accounts, lived in fear. Yet for years, we democratic liberal western countries poured millions into his country. We shook his hand and turned a blind eye to his treatment and quite obvious provocation. We hung in there because he had oil; just like Saddam had in Iraq and the torturing, brutal monarchy of Saudi Arabia. The British government traded with apartheid South Africa for years without any stain on their conscience. In fact you can look back in history at countless oppressive regimes who have traded with the free west because it suited them both. Why should we be so concerned that this man therefore has been killed. He will only go down as a martyr to his loyal supporters as his overthrow has been largely at the hands of his own people. This revolution, helped by the social networks and internet, has enabled the people of Libya to determine their future for the first time in 42 years. Nato has assisted the NTC in its aims but without getting their hands too dirty. Regime change might not suit the aims of the western governments particularly if oil becomes a sticking point. It is said that money is the root of all evil. I am convinced that oil may be a more credible option. Its scarcity will lead the west to more extreme measures to ensure the dwindling supplies continue to flow. There is a case at present highlighting the extreme legal measures being taken by an oil company Transcanada in the US. They are wanting to run a pipeline (Keystone Pipeline Project) through the USA from Texas to Nebraska and into Canada. Any landowner who refuses access onto their land is being taken to court using a legal procedure known as ’eminent domain’. There have been numerous cases, 50 plus in Texas alone. This is evidence that oil will push western companies to shit even on their own doorsteps. Accordingly they would have no qualms about jumping in bed with any unscrupulous despot who holds the key to mineral wealth.
The next time you hear Cameron crowing about the death of Gaddafi, just remember how many of his tory chums made their millions. Sadly evidence of Tony Blair physically shaking hands with Gaddafi, was posted on twitter today as well. When the US government lecture anyone else in the world about human rights, just look at how they hold back in supporting their own citizens. Ultimately they will all shake hands with the devil if necessary.


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