This is Autumn not a rehearsal

I love Autumn. I love the cold, firing up the wood stove, stews. I love the dead leaves, the decay, the shutting down of nature. As an appallingly bad gardener, it is a welcome time of year. You can make such an impact on a garden by clearing away the dead and cutting back; you can be brutal without the need for finesse. My allotment is a disgrace at present. Over the years my wife put days probably weeks into digging, weeding, planting a large and productive plot. She eventually fell out of love with it, having given more than the rest of us deserved. I am left with the responsibility which does not sit well with me. I am however lucky to assume control at this time of year. Autumn will forgive lazy arses like me because it does everyone.
But in truth it gives so much more. The temperature starts to slip as the light diminishes. It is time for sitting in the warm with a good book and 6 music playing. The need for warmth is reassuring found either at the hearth or in a mug. I am very bad at enjoying the simple things in life but very good at aspiring to them. While I sit at this computer writing, I dream of simple comfort. The smell of burning wood from the fireplace in my favourite pub whilst I sit, pint of dark beer in hand, talking and laughing with friends. The wall of cold that hits you as you leave the pub and scuttle off home to warm up again. We, sorry, I should learn to love kicking my boots through leaves in a wood, as nature packs up for the year. I have forgotten how to do what I once would have done instinctively as a child and embrace the season in all its earthy decaying glory. I looked forward to wearing jumpers, to wrapping up against the elements.

Life’s simple pleasures

Autumn is not however the pre cursor to Christmas. Halloween and Bonfire night whilst enjoyable for some  seek only to add an excuse for commercial exploitation that Christmas does so much better. It invades the airwaves and the psyche earlier and earlier seemingly every year. We spend so much time looking towards that festival that we forget to appreciate this wonderful season as it slips into the harshness of winter. This is an appeal to live in the now, open our eyes to the delight that is Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness I believe it was once described.


One thought on “This is Autumn not a rehearsal

  1. Couldn't agree more John. Being in the present moment is the way to happiness I think. So much time is spent rushing to get to the next thing with little awareness, or gratitude for,the present. Cultivating the ability to appreciate the here and now is so valuable I think.

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