Distant Royal v Grocers Daughter

Wikipedia – the worlds most amazing source of questionable reference material. When I did my degree, it was  the last reference of the desperate. Wikipedia told me that our glorious leader David Cameron is a direct descendant of King William IV albeit illegitimately. It describes a man though with serious breeding and connections. His family have occupied the upper middle class for generations. Dave can’t be held responsible for this of course. I am the second son of a senior railway officer who was in turn the son of a railway officer. I had no choice in that fact and am proud of my ancestry as I’m sure is Dave C.
Mr C came to power in 2010 in a messy coalition of the power greedy and power needy. He formed a government with Nick Clegg, the very middle class son of a banker (again not his fault) and leader of the Liberal Democrats. Cameron’s transformation from clever blue eyed Tory opposition leader to PM was complete.
His more recent transfiguration however lends more to the former Iron lady.
Those of us old enough to have been young and passionate about politics in the early 1980’s had Margaret Thatcher to deal with. Not only was she the first woman Prime Minister but she was the most ruthless free marketeer we had ever seen in this country. She was guided by Keith Joseph a monetarist purist and backed up by her cabinet of yes men. This cabinet included Tebbit the bully, Heseltine the flamboyant, Parkinson the arse licker, amongst many. She set out to crush the power of the unions, to destroy public ownership and to never back down. She promoted an attitude of greed and of self above society. She consigned millions to the economic scrapheap and sold many of our industries to foreign ownership. She made the UK reliant on financial services; which sadly came home to bite us all in more recent times. She rubbed shoulders with the power hungry and foreign despots. Murdoch rose under Thatcher need any more be said. She was eventually pushed out of power in a quieter more old school Tory coup.
This is not a lesson in political history. History however shows patterns and we can learn from it. This is where the similarities start to occur. The present administration appear to have an obsession with the might of the market and private sector. It promotes the belief that public sector workers are overpaid, under performing drains on society. It finds itself intermeshed with News Corporation (Murdoch’s empire) both socially and idealistically. The present government is content to see our remaining infrastructure go overseas. I heard a shipbuilding union representative practically in tears in an interview. The government had given a contract to the South Koreans; the country that he stated had systematically crippled our own shipbuilding industry during the reign of Thatcher. They are wishing to restructure the NHS massively after promising not to. They are looking at privatising policing and management of the road network. This is dogma gone out of control. their excuse is the same as Thatcher used back in 1979. She was riding into town to clear up the mess left by a labour government. The irony of it now though is that they wish to reorganise state structures that have been messed up by private sector involvement already.
They have a born again zeal and a certainty that is the very worrying part. The opposition to NHS reform has been massive but their answer is to tell everyone why they are wrong. It is like fundamentalist religious person  unwilling to accept that others may not share their view of the world. There is no argument within because like Thatcher, Cameron surrounds himself with those that agree with him. The Liberals within government dare not argue because they would lose their seat at the table.
By now you will have guessed that I am a raging lefty who wants total state control and would happily allow the ‘workers to control the means of production’ (Marx). Well that is where you are wrong. Yes I am a socialist but not one that is as certain as Dave and the gang are. Maybe the solution is to promote and support the state where it works; recognise the private sector can be rubbish too and use what works not what dogma orders you to follow.
So the choice is would rather have the illegitimate ancestor of a king or the grocers daughter from Grantham? Which one will history show to be less for turning (to paraphrase Mrs T)


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