Lets Make Each Other Happy

For those who do not know, I live in a very full house. I am married with six children, two dogs, 5 guitars, 1 bass, drum kit, thousands of books and tons of music. Radio 6 music is on from 7am to 10pm constantly. We have the neighbourhood children in and out of our house daily. Silence is so rare that it feels wrong when it happens. Marriage, children create tensions. We fall out. We argue and shout. We try at times to make each other unhappy. We occasionally act out the thought that by making others unhappy, our happiness level will increase. I blame Margaret Thatcher although I tend to blame her for pretty much everything. Why is it a human reaction to seek happiness at the expense of another?
Maybe this is not true in some circumstances. I see someone I don’t like, fall into difficulty and feel better for it. Its awful to think like that but I cannot stop myself. It is like the smart kid at school who always get top marks and the best report. Is it just me that harbours the sneaking wish that one day they will trip up somehow and fail miserably. I don’t watch the Apprentice but am aware of the premise of the show. Sir Alan Nasty pits each candidate against each other to find a suitable apprentice. A show that rewards those who achieve at the expense of others and promotes greed. How as a society has this become a form of entertainment? It is surely the modern day equivalent of the Colosseum with gladiators/Christians/Lions and so on.
I am so bad at living up to the high ideals I seek to attain. I am selfish/paranoid/angry/miserable and unhappy. I have had times in my life when I was really unhappy. I have had times when I believed the world would be happier without me in it. I have known lows of unimaginable depths. I spent several months at one stage so low that I could not raise my head and make eye contact with anyone whilst outside. Indeed I would avoid going out of the house.
Those days are long gone thankfully but they leave their scars. One of the deepest is the wish for happiness. Confrontation and dissent cuts me deeply. I am an old hippy who loves to love and get on with my fellow man. I do think that we should try as friends/family or even society to try to get on with each other. Decency is not a divisive emotion. Care is not a selfish notion. Understanding is not counter-productive. I used to work in London many years ago. I would see groups of Hare Krishna followers in their saffron robes, singing and dancing along Oxford Street. They would smile and greet the most hostile member of the public with warmth and openness. They tried to spread a little happiness in the world. What is possibly wrong with that? It is not fashionable to do something without wanting a return for your efforts. These people never seemed to want anything only that which you decided to give.
I am not naive enough to believe that there are not cruel, selfish, manipulative people around. Horrendous crimes are committed daily. Presently Anders Brevik is on trial for the murder of 77 innocent people in Norway. He makes delusional messianic pronouncements every day in court as he is cross examined. The justice system deals calmly, fairly and modestly in response. It is said that the way a country hands out justice is a reflection on the character of that nation itself. They deal with a cruel man who will not accept his wrongs and treat him with respect that he probably will never deserve.
I see in a country like Norway, a desire to not let his actions spoil their collective sense of good will to all.
I remember the free festivals at Stonehenge back in the 70’s and 80’s. They flew in the face of a Thatcherite establishment that detested them. This movement of collective happiness was all about drugs, trespass and anarchy according to the Daily Mail/Express/Telegraph. The Sun would spew malice about the festival goers and their ideals. I imagine this was born of fear. They were scared of what they did not understand. Festivals now are money making media events. It is an opportunity for bands to get noticed/sell records/increase their reputation. Happiness in a field nowadays though does not come cheap.
Maybe the solution is to start with small steps. We should try to make those around us happy. This is not easy but we must try. If we all do that then it could spread and who knows it could catch on. So if you do nothing else this weekend, try to make one person happier. They will feel better and so will you. If I shout or get cross, I am sorry and will try not to. Actually I will try to make you happier instead.


One thought on “Lets Make Each Other Happy

  1. Wonderful thoughts Mr Linney, ..I plan to spend many hours with them… I believe there truly are no BAD people just a lot of bad behavior… am I a crazy idealist or maybe FINALLY a hippie (since let's face it, you & I both missed out being 5 or 6 when 1970 hit!)Love IS where the answers are… the TRUTH. It all starts with CARING… it's not so hard… second nature really! 🙂 (…then comes understanding & empathy & peace)Beauty, truth, they find their way to the heart of the worthy, the honest, the ones with integrity. The ones like YOU! Regards, youbetyourwrasse

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