Things by Him

I have decided to devote a blog to pictures, poems and creative writing. This first post is a collection of photographs taken from a family holiday in 2011. I have chosen pictures that I hope you find interesting. 

This first picture was taken the day after we arrived at Knockbrex in Dumfries and Galloway. We had been down to the Carrick Foreshore and were wandering back along the lane to our house. The photo is taken by my son Sam on our Canon IXUS 210. I use the colour accent feature to bring out the green of the trees and shrubs.

This impressive gateway is to Knockbrex House. It had a certain magical quality about it.

This photo was taken at the crossing to Threave Castle but reminded me of something altogether more final. I had my money ready to pay the ferryman.

Borgue Fair 2011. I loved the low key informal fell of the event. 

 A pebble on the shore. Seemingly filled with quartz but almost as if made by Salt and Herbs compressed. 

Beach writer needs no introduction

I love the contrast between the light pouring in and the room in shade. Sam was unaware he was centre stage.

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