Family in Monochrome

The following pictures are a few black and white snaps taken over the last 8 years. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did being there when I took them.

Alice aged 4. She has a captivating smile 

This photograph was taken on a walk with the Linney’s senior around 2005

The boys in 2004. Tom was only a couple of months old

Tom with Great Grandma Askew in 2004. Sadly she is no longer with us. She had 13 children and countless grandchildren.

Mum in law. She sadly died 3 years ago. She had 8 children and 20 grandchildren.

Cornwall 2005. Much has changed in 7 years.  

Jenny in 2007 aged 10. I love the simple feel of this picture

 My three daughters braving the North Sea at Sandsend near Whitby. 

My absolute favourite picture. I love the perspective and the children play fighting, oblivious of the photograph being taken. The day out was at Brodsworth Hall in South Yorkshire which proved to be a wonderful backdrop.

Tom hiding his true feelings as only a toddler can.

Winnie and Bramble our Border Terriers, curled up with each other on the armchair. 

Finally our first dog Buster. Buster died 18 months ago and is sorely missed.

One thought on “Family in Monochrome

  1. Excellent pictures John. A great retrospective of the family and the children as they've grown up. Time flies but a photograph captures a moment and keeps it constant forever…

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