Around the House

These objects and pictures have been taken using the Canon IXUS 210. Some appear blurred on the top and bottom. This is the miniature effect, that focuses on the centre of the picture and blurs the top and bottom. This can create some interesting results. I have also used the old faithful colour accent on one picture. Hope you like the results

Log store 2011. I try to contrast the mixture of the wood grain, steel shelving and garden crates.

By the sink. My favourite espresso maker. Its a vintage Italian one bought in a charity shop. Again I contrast the textures. 

The view from the chair. We have so many photos taken of our feet up in the kitchen. I highlighted the pinks of the baskets, red handbag with the monochrome. 

Just got up. Sam 2011.

Ready for the oven. There are three shepherds pies ready to go in the oven. You can see the small light on in the background. 

The Guiseley fruit mountain.

 He is the torso of a shop dummy, found next to a skip hire yard in Silsden. I rescued him whilst cutting back trees and shrubs on an adjacent footpath. Bob is currently living unceremoniously in a planter in the garden. This is not the end Bob.

The corner. Our old wash tub used as a water butt with battered jug. I like the mundane corners of our world.

The settee. This was a very expensive settee that has been lovingly patched to extend its useful life. It has become a work of art and a testament to hard work, thrift and the skill of Mrs Things By Him. It is more accurate to describe Isabel as Mrs Things by her as she is the master patcher. One day we maybe able to afford a new one but it won’t be quite the same.

Kitchen linen. This shelf was rescued from a skip, cleaned up, repaired and mounted on the kitchen wall. Old wicker baskets hold the vast number of hand towels, tea towels, dishcloths, tablecloths and oven gloves we use weekly. 

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