New Poems

Three new poems devised tonight. If I don’t put them out there straight away they become as unappetising as a cold takeaway. Hope they capture the immediacy of the writing process. hope you enjoy them and lets face it I would much rather have it written down than bashing about in my head. Peace and love x.

What do You See

Take a look, a good one,
with your jaded eyes scanning,

the man that stands before you.

He was once a young man,
fighting inside, living out,
the dreams he held close

His heart was crushed,
when the light went out
and the fight slipped away

What do you see
when you look there at me?
the imprint of what I used to be?

Look at my eyes
and come really close
I’m still in there

looking back
with a rage burning for a life
yet to live.


for Pete.

Trudging home into forgotten bedrooms
posters hung in solemn worship of a god
that swings his arm and knows no pain
as blood smears over his scything hand

Turn on the amp and plug in the guitar
not to caress or handle with love
but thrash and strangle till it submits
to the sound of a pent up suburbanite

Put on the headphones and crank up the amp
swing the arm till you connect
with the chords of a days pressure flowing
out through the strings and into my ears

Listen to them that scream and fight
with every word and tortured note
to tell themselves that the fire and hate
are not as twisted in their words

Windmills windmills everywhere
within my safe and private little space
rotations of passion that play the songs
that make my heart burn with rage.

For the Lost

Laden vessels of loveless times
leaving from the rain drenched harbour
setting out into deep cold waters
surging and rolling with the swell
of oceans eternal rhythms
boats at mercy of the elements

Aground on the sandbanks of loss
stranded far from shore and certain hope
of brighter days to lift the keel
adrift and back afloat to journey on
towards the grounds
where optimism lies beneath

The craft that carries the light
is within the crew that steer it through
those channels of loss and doom
with an even hand on the tiller
to guide the future safely to
the safety of the happy harbour


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