changing images

It is probably more accurate to describe these photographs as experiments with photoshop.
They span several years and at least three different compact cameras. The tweaking improves otherwise flat images sometimes with gothic, bizarre and subtle touches. Enjoy!
Hetchell Woods, Leeds, springtime.

Hirst wood Saltaire, early summer.

 Middleton woods, Leeds, Late January

Horsforth Campus, Leeds City College, late autumn

Horsforth Campus, Leeds City College midwinter
Carlton Lane, Guiseley, midwinter

                                                                  Menston, midwinter

Sandsend near Whitby, midwinter

Tintagel, Cornwall midsummer

Lake Coniston, Cumbria late autumn

Threave Castle near Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, summertime

Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria, midsummer

 Duddon Valley, Cumbria, early winter

Upper Tarn Ilkley Moor, summertime

Ingleborough from Souther Scales in the Yorkshire Dales, midsummer


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