The Gate

I photographed this gate on Holiday in 2011. It is a disused entrance to Knockbrex House. This entrance is on the coast road from Carrick to Borgue in Dumfries and Galloway. The house was built for a Manchester businessman in the late19th century and contained the much older Knockbrex Castle. The gate has a magical quality to it that the original photograph only hinted at. I have added effects and filters to change the feel.
Original Image.

I have adjusted the colour balance slightly and sharpened the image.

This has a watercolour effect.

I love this dark brooding effect that picks out the stone work and lichens.

My favourite solarize effect. It turns the mundane into a horror paperback cover.

This was created by adjusting the hue and saturation. 

This is created using a neon effect. I love how the gate has sharp edges and the foreground is an intense pinky purple.
This was created using an omni directional lighting effect and adjusting the contrast and clour saturation. It has a scary dreamlike feel that hides a werewolf in a gothic castle

A fading memory? I love the way both form and colour seem to slip away.

Sometimes the stark effect of monochrome is the most effective. Contrast and brightness have been adjusted.


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