Live Every Day ?

I was going to start by saying most people but I shall dismiss that thought and run with ‘I’ instead. I don’t know what most people think or do. I assume and make generalisations about what most people do.

I was convinced for many years that most were successful, happy and settled. This was based on the premise that they were more successful than I was of course. I looked through spectacles made from ground envy, distorted to make the world appear unjust, shaped to suit my own unhappiness.

I then more recently went through a phase of believing that everyone hid their unhappiness and insecurities behind a facade of happiness. This was seeing the world in reality through clear glass lenses (of the aforementioned spectacles).

The saying goes that you should live every day as if it were your last.  I might add  to by suggesting  a few additions to this. To make the best of everything and see the best in everyone. To smile and laugh because there is no because.

I live every day in the hope that disaster will not descend upon me and those that I love. I get in my car and drive in the hope it will not break down mid journey. I make meals in the hope that 50% of those eating it appreciate it. I enter into a conversation with the sincere wish that my contribution doesn’t  bore the other party too soon.

I don’t want to live every day as if it was my last because they will probably be like the ones I have now. I have faced the brief possibility of death and didn’t come out the other end delirious. I came out relieved and lost.

I want to live every day differently. Brimming over with possibility and positivity.

The truth is how can you live every day like it was your last when you haven’t really lived the ones youv’e already had ?

You notice I have avoided the most and many where possible? This is ownership. A wise nursing tutor once told me that to Assume was to make an Ass of you and me. Pretentious isn’t It ?


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