The real choices

This May, voters in the UK will take part in a general election.

Well actually it is more accurate to say that some voters will take part in a general election.

It should be a very important election. There again all elections are important. Political pundits can’t accurately predict the possible outcome. Most that do are firmly sat on the fence pronouncing bland statements.

It  will be about the economy they say. It will be about managing the deficit, protecting the recovery and cutting taxes. All the main parties promise the same method essentially but with little nuances that separate them. the more fringe parties in UKIP and The Green Party offer more polar alternatives. UKIP concentrate on raising the fear level and intolerance setting to new heights.

The Green Party have a more socialist inclusive approach but wrapped around a central policy of environmental measures.

Most political parties are searching for the middle ground however. This is where we are told the vast swathe of voters sit. They can be influenced by guarantees, by fear, by compassion, confidence and appearance. The appearance of being in control, of strength, of competence, of reliability.

What if however the election should be about real choices. The choice as to whether our health service, transport network, local services are run for the benefit of us or their shareholders?

What if we looked at which tyrannical despots we prop up with military and financial aid?

What if we stop to look at a person in terms of where they come from and more where they can take us?

What if we turn our attention away from individual rights to collective responsibilities?

What if the financial markets worked to an ethical code not a profit margin?

What if we vote for need over greed?


Worthy sentiments maybe. Very socialist you may think. Ask yourself the question though, who will fight for all of these values? Who do you believe when they tell you?

We live in a world of increasing populations, diminishing natural resources and increasing levels of hatred. Do you vote for the status quo? The ostrich approach.

Real choices are not made because they are easy. Real choices require heart and conviction. We have to learn to get on with each other otherwise the world and our part in it will deteriorate rapidly.

THE most important act that every voter should make is to vote. Don’t excuse yourself by saying they’re all the same. Don’t ask what the point is. Don’t say you can’t be bothered. That will not be making any choice at all.




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