Race to the Polls

Conviction politicians set out on the road to

Convinced the mass ranks of the unconvinced

Making promises they are not convinced about themselves

Whilst the electorate stand open mouthed and agog

At a created and toxic electoral fog

Of possible untruths told truthfully by those

That will promise anything to get your vote.

The statistics, the facts, the nightmares unfold

Doled out by each party a story now told

But what is the truth within it all

Straight answers to questions uncertainty please

Don’t give me certainties where they rarely exist

Admit that you are human and don’t know it all

As a confident incompetent is no use I’m sure

Give us doubt and plain answers when we ask what you mean

Say you don’t know for sure but you will try to achieve

Ensure that we trust you enough to want to vote

By not pretending or scaring or using hate

Trust us to trust you if you tell us the truth

Let the people decide not TV or press

But most of all talk about you and not them

And they’re off!


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