The World of Superficiality

I’m a miserable old man.

I moan, I complain about issues and matters that only go to reinforce the miserable old man label. I know you just wish I would shut up and share photos of performing dogs, country walks or videos of babies sneezing and goats that yell like humans. I am perilously close to walking away from Facebook and Twitter because of the manner in which the trivial is elevated to a level way above that which it deserves. I do like a bit of light hearted trivia but the boundaries between the important and unimportant get very blurred.

I will not however criticise a politician for how they dress. I am not bothered if they sing national anthems or their views on the monarchy. I do not vote for an M.P. based on how well they sing or which is their favourite royal. I am not offended by a politician not singing a national anthem. I have relatives that fought in the two world wars like nearly everyone that may read this and it in no way diminishes the respect I have for their efforts during conflict. I would be more offended if my politician sang the national anthem because it looks good but is against their principles.

That is where superficiality comes in.

The appearance and the shallow become elevated over issues that really matter.

Poverty in a rich developed country like ours is disgraceful. The plight of the Syrian people fleeing an Armageddon the likes of which we have not witnessed for some time is frightening. The disgusting inhuman manner these refugees are portrayed appalls me. The dismantling of the NHS to be sold off to the highest Tory party contributor disgusts me. The list of real concrete issues really matter to me. They make me want to change the world whether you care or not.

I am appalled that my local secondary school has elevated their obsession on school uniform to that akin to Dolores Umbridge taking over at Hogwarts. The list of petty rules grows by the day. The school spends very little time promoting inquisitive and questioning minds but concentrates on the petty and unimportant. They have actually published guidelines as to the correct form of trousers girls should wear. Have they nothing better to teach?!

I am disgusted about how much time was spent disussing the presenters past and future of Top Gear as if any of that matters. I am saddened that my opinion on who should win GBBO or X factor is seen to matter. I don’t care you see. I just don’t care.

I want politicians to be decent, principled human beings who work for the people not for their rich friends. I want my school to teach my children and encourage individuality and self expression. I want my televison to inform, entertain and educate. I want my press to report the news not invent, lie and bully. I want my press to be free of the control of billionaires with political agendas.

I am fed up of asking people to read posts before sharing them. The nasty racist hatred is spread partly through laziness. Folks who are maybe not inherently racist will share a post without opening it. EDL and Britain First etc rely on their laziness. I have had comments on newspaper articles which are so evidently based on the cover photo and nothing more. If you want to comment on an article, read it first. It is world of superficiality that rules and encourages us to look at the picture and not bother to read the words.

I believe we are all better than superficial. We need to spend some time connecting with what really matters each day. we need to think of politics as a reflection of all of our lives not unimportant. We have had successive governments since 1997 elected based on their shiny, superficial qualities rather than substance. The government of 1997 made some profound social changes but soon became more interested in appearance rather than substance. Successive Labour, coalition and Conservative governments have fallen into the same trap. We as voters have lost sight of the policies in politics. We base our opinion on a whole party on how a leader comes across on TV and what their suit looks like.

I believe there are so many people out there who do care about real issues and want to seize the opportunity to discuss them. It is not exclusive to the Labour party and very much a UK wide movement. The Houses of Parliament should concentrate on representing and sharing the views of the people because the people are fed up with being ignored. Jeremy Corbyn the Labour party leader wishes to make democracy work from the bottom up. If our politicians have nothing to fear then why not support them in that aim?

So yes I am a miserable moaning old man. I happen to believe in the inherent good within most people. I believe we should help each other and talk to each other instead of fighting. I respect peoples beliefs whether they have a faith or not. Its not sexy or modern or shiny. It is better than superficial though


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