Cut Cut

It’s for the best, its necessary

To fight the evil deficit sprite

That nasty little thing called debt

So cut we must with all our might

To rid the country of this curse

In order that the nations purse

Is overflowing,it will get worse.


WE are the real wealth creators

Bred in the shires, schooled exclusive

Rich from the start but wholly deserving

Determined to teach you lesser a lesson

That privilege comes to those it is meant to

That debt is a concept not shared in our circles

More for the plebs who serve at our tables


YOU THERE! with your low paid job

Work harder and take less help

Because your social conscience yearns

Will brim with pride that adversity brings

Will make you worth more than less you aspire

And remember we are suffering too be sure

If only we could be like you.


Believe in our words however misleading

That cuts are essential to balance the budget

That corporate greed is an alien concept

That sharing our wealth is foolhardy tomfoolery

That blaming the poor is the easy option

That the migrant, the crippled are all fair targets

To throw our abuse at and make us feel better.


Cut, cut and cut again at your peril

Hurt will only hurt so far before

Those who feed, who serve, who work

To keep our great country running smooth

Will turn on the few and demand that they

Dig deep in their pockets and expect them to pay

For the cuts cut because of a lie.


Cut your hypocrisy, slash at your dogma

Rip apart notions of misguided reason

Look long and hard in that soulful mirror

And ask yourselves why is hurting the many

So good, so right, so sensible, so needed

When it does not work or make it better

Those cuts cut for cuts sake.


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