Top Five tracks of 2015. 

It’s my blog. I am the law on here. There’s no discussion, no suggestions, no arguing. It’s my opinion and when it comes to music, we can all be definite, certain, opinionated. What touches one, passes another by. These five tracks aren’t indeed all released in 2015. 

They are however my earworms, my obsessions for this year. 

Spring Summer Winter Dread – Everything Everything

This is without a doubt the most played repeatedly throughout the year. It was the third single released off their third album , Get To Heaven. It is uplifting, energetic and extremely catchy. The Manchester based band have undergone the transition from small time Indie band to commanding headlining status in larger arenas. They are touring in 2016 as duel headliners with Foals. 

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow – Nick Cave

Taken from the 2001 No More Shall We Part album, this mesmeric track has fascinated me. It’s fair to say Nick Cave has fascinated me this year. I’ve had a few albums of his music for years but never really gave him much time. I found him inaccessible and a bit weird at times. I have embraced the weird and discovered the true genius of Nick Cave. He makes you feel like you’ve been brainwashed by a cult. The video features  a few famous faces including fellow Aussie,  Jason Donovan and Sheffields finest, Jarvis Cocker. 

True Faith (94) – New Order

Ok this has been round for years. It’s very well known and it’s fair to say I didn’t get it first time round. Joy Division and New Order passed me by without a wave of recognition. For some unknown reason I stumbled across this and it has been playing for quite a few months now. The song is brilliantly written pop which manages to avoid being cheesy. Just love it. 

Our Last Summer – Abba

Who would have thought it! I know it’s Abba. Awful clothes and naff videos. But and this is a very big BUT. 

Abba have written and recorded some of the finest popular songs ever. To be fair Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson have. This track was known to me when I first heard Abba in the 1970s but only grabbed me as a result of the Film Mamma Mia. Ok even cheesier but such fun. The scenery of Greece is amazing and the music, oh the music. I am a unashamed Abba fan and was there from the start. This is a lesser known song but beautifully written and harmonised. Classic Abba.
Cut Me And I’ll Bleed – Blossoms 

This is the second single taken from the debut release by this young band from Stockport near Manchester. The band have been all over BBC 6 Music this year with this track and other single releases being given lots of air time. This track was championed by Steve Lamacq who has a knack of spotting and promoting talent. This track has faint 80s whiffs about it and sounds of Britpop faves Cast. I love this band and wish them every success .


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