Short bits

These are little poems because I don’t want to write long ones. 
This first one is about a dog called Clive.

Clive sat by his food bowl

Looking despondently at its 


And having no means of

Rectifying this.

It’s a dogs life 

He pondered. 

This next one is about self confidence.

What if she doesn’t like me

Geoff wondered, worried, mulled 

Over and over and over

And then he walked away. 

This one is about bananas. 

Louise inspected the fruit 

She squeezed and prodded 

Pears, plums and apples

But a squeeze too far

Damaged a banana!

So she ran from the shop 

Crying with shame. 

It was only a banana 

Her conscience told her. 

This last one is about birds. 

I want to fly

But I’m not fussed

About feathers

And having 

A gizzard

Or eating seeds

So in conclusion

I’d rather not 

Return as a bird

In my next life

Ron the Buddhist 



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