Visual Expression


 I’m supposedly a writer. I describe imagery through the use of words and language. Why is it that I’m drawn to photograph certain images?

What is it about roads and perspective that intrigues me? Time and time again have I taken pictures of roads disappearing into the distance. What do roads say about me? It could be about ‘the journey’. It could be an inner search for the answer, the truth, the key to it all? I love roads, paths and especially empty ones disappearing into a blank distance.  

I don’t care where the road goes. I don’t choose a road with a destination. I prefer roads that just get smaller and vanish in the picture. Give me a road across a desolate moor and preferably under a grey sky, I’m a happy man. 

Windows. They fascinate me. From within or without. I have a collection of window pictures. Sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? They hide , frame contain a view, a story, another world. They are the eyes of a building. They give it character, they lead you inward or out. Windows must say something about what I want to express. Surely there is a deep hidden meaning. The closet voyeur, the safety of hiding behind one, the snapshot of other people’s lives. 

Trees are another photographic obsession. I have photographed hundreds of trees. Some in full leaf, some as the leaves turn gold, copper and brown in Autumn and the stark, bare skeletons against a winters sky. Trees are beautiful, majestic, commanding. They draw me to them and I capture the images so often. Trees speak of resilience, an almost timeless quality yet they signify growth and protection. 


Hundreds maybe even thousands of images featuring these three types of image. Not many of people. Mainly trees, Windows and roads. 


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