Well what did you expect?

Its been nearly a year since the general election. The dust has sort of settled and the Tories are getting into their cruel, self centred, egotistical stride. I guess by that last sentence, you may have gathered I’m not a fan. They were elected with 36.9% of the vote. They have a majority of 12. Not a big majority but a big enough one.

11,334,576 of you voted for them.

9,347,304 voted for my lot except they weren’t really my lot. More like a watered down version of the lot with 11 million votes.

They have now embarked on more austerity, greater steps along the privatisation of the NHS, the demonisation of refugees and those seeking a place of safety (which is what the word asylum stands for). The prime minister has been revealed to have fucked a pigs head whilst at university. He has made repeated slurs on the leader of the opposition because he can’t win a rational argument with him. He even criticised his suits whilst wearing clothes that cost in excess of £4000. The leader of the opposition may not dress as snappily but at least he pays for his own clothes.

His chancellor promises more cuts, more pain and yet cannot deliver a reduction in the national debt (that he says he can). The health secretary has chosen to impose working practices on junior doctors against their will. He continues to threaten and abuse them. The education secretary seems to be hell bent on alienating teachers and parents whilst exhibiting an understanding of education of someone on the lower end  of the IQ scale. We have decided to stop the bombing in Syria by bombing, erm, well yep you guessed it, Syria!

And now. David Porky Hameron has decided to bring our relationship with Europe into the centre of politics. This is bear in mind, a fight within the Tory party. It has always been an internal squabble. The little Englanders that couldn’t stomach the ambivalence to Europe left and formed UKIP. The stroppy little Englanders who lack spines decided to stay and pick a fight. The prime minister has to look tough whilst at the same time not too tough so that he will piss off the Germans and French. He spent far too long not making a deal but coming up with more like an excuse.

Remember chaps, this is not an issue the whole country is obsessed about. The Tories are proving experts in convincing the population that their internal arguments are actually national debates. His cabinet is beginning to openly disagree and reduce the arguments to primary school playground levels.

And you, yes you those 11 million people out there voted for these lot! You voted because you were scared and cajoled by the press and the Murdoch media. You bought the personal insults, the threats and the lies. They have not and will not deliver on any of their promises. The economy will not recover because they created the climate for it to do so. The economy is likely to struggle in the coming years. This will then be the fault of world markets and global stresses. A bit like 2008.

Syria will not become a peaceful country, free from the threat of IS/Daesh or whatever we choose to call them. It will be a massive pile of rubble with a tragically displaced population.

We will go through the farcical process of a referendum on remaining in the EU only to remain in the EU.

The doctors lot will become even more wretched as the NHS is starved of resources and respect.

The state education system will be required to reform. Again. And with no extra funding or support.

So tell me you loyal true blues. Is this what you expected would happen ? Is it the perfect world the Bullingdon boys promised you? You will not learn the lessons of your loyalty to a party that is run by those who do not care about you, because they are not from you. They exist to serve the betterment of the top 1% because that is where they are drawn from.

Mind you, it could be worse. You could be American and stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.


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