I’ll be there ? 

‘I need your advice’ 

‘I’m in a spot of bother’ 

‘Are you free for a chat ?’

Questions some of us never get to be asked. Questions that imply your friendship, parental role is important or valued. 

Maybe many people go through life never being important enough for others to trust, share or talk to. Maybe we just don’t interact like this? Maybe this is my experience and assuming others have the same is a way of protecting my ego. 

Trust. That’s one interpretation. Can I be trusted? 

Maybe I’m a poor listener. Too ready to give an opinion? Another interpretation. 

What about I’ve not been there for others? 

Well I’m damned if I do know to be frank but it’s an experience that visits me or rather doesn’t. 

I would never pretend to know the answers and far less offer them. I’m as available as the next person if you need it. It’s just that it never happens. I don’t remember a time when anyone asked for my help. Not once. How often am I a shoulder to cry on or listening ear or indeed any supportive part of my anatomy! 

Perhaps life’s listeners, shoulders are sick of being so. Perhaps they wish just for once their friends and family choose someone else. Why is it always them that get to support those in need of support?!

As a representative of the non supporters, I only hope your listening, support networks don’t let you down because you may be forced one day to actually ask me. And how could I manage ?!


2 thoughts on “I’ll be there ? 

  1. Maybe you’re not directly asked those questions because people know you are there with an ear without having to be asked if you have the time? you always seem to have be available for a chat, whenever needed, without having to ask, you’re just there.

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