John published the Witches of Underdale in April 2013. It is the first part in a trilogy of novels set in the Yorkshire Dales. The adventures of Joe Walters, Alyssa Scarcross and the moorland elves of Underdale take the reader to dark places full of magic and witchcraft.



available in paperback or kindle from Amazon.

Andy in the Attic was published in September 2013. Andy is an agoraphobic who has lived in the attic of the family home for over 15 years. This journal takes the reader through a momentous year for Andy. It is written in journal form and has three alternative endings. The story was originally published in the form of a blog but was finished and extended to transfer to book form.


Andy in the Attic is also available in paperback and kindle from Amazon

Huddle of Poems is John’s first collection of poetry and the odd thought.

It was published in December 2013


The Heart of Underdale is the second part in the Underdale Trilogy. It was published in June 2014. It is available on Amazon as a paperback or in Kindle format.

There is unrest in Underdale. Power hungry witches are determined to take that which is not theirs to take. Its up to the witches Joe Walters, his cousin Hannah, Alyssa Scarcross and the elves of Underdale to make right that which has been disturbed. This exciting story set in the Yorkshire Moors pits good against evil to restore the natural powers of the magical underworld.

Available through Amazon.


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